Client #: 53032137

生まれ年 1985
国籍 アメリカ人
居住国 アメリカ
上記に何年から住んでいますか 1985
身長 178cm
体重 80kg
髪の色 Black
目の色 Brown
結婚歴 Single
仕事 Electrical Training Leader
その仕事を始めたのは何年ですか? 2007
学歴 High School and Community College
語学 English
性格 / ライフスタイル
趣味や興味 Aquascaping, fishing, gardening, gaming, hiking, drawing, reading, writing, watching movies, TV shows and anime
いつか子どもが欲しいですか Yes
既に子どもがいますか No
タバコを吸いますか No
自分自身の性格をどう思いますか I'm a very mellow, gentleman that likes to put others ahead of myself. I'm also a passionate person that likes to invest time into learning things of interest.
貴方にとって最も大切な事とは何ですか I feel that the important thing in life is to leave a lasting impression in a positive way. We don't live forever but if we leave behind something that people can remember who we are and what we stood for; that is something that will continue our legacy for my family and future.
今までに訪れた国 USA, Japan, Guam
将来、貴女のパートナーとなる人に、交際が進展する前に、是非知っておいて貰いたい事があれば下記で説明して下さい。 To a future spouse, please be open-minded to how a relationship works and don't be set in stereotypes. Always communicate your intentions before committing to anything since indecision and not being truthful about yourself is something that is a big deal-breaker with me.
貴女の将来の希望や計画はどんなものですか? I hope to get married to the love of my life and have a stable family life for the future. I hope that I can do some of my ambitious projects and life goals with my future spouse and family. I would also be open to anything my spouse and family would like to do as well.
貴女の将来のパートナーへのメッセージ。 I hope that we can live a long and exciting relationship for years. We may not be perfect people but as long as we both love and show compassion for each other and see eye-to-eye on mutual life decisions...I think we'll do just fine in any situation.