Client #: 52832052

生まれ年 1983
国籍 オランダ人
居住国 オランダ
上記に何年から住んでいますか 1983
身長 190cm
体重 85kg
髪の色 Black
目の色 Green
結婚歴 Single
仕事 Customer Experience Analyst
その仕事を始めたのは何年ですか? 2016
学歴 Vocational and college education
語学 Dutch, English, Spanish, Japanese (studying)
性格 / ライフスタイル
趣味や興味 Watching movies, drinking wine, listening to music, reading, astronomy, cosmology, philosophy, playing the piano, playing video games
いつか子どもが欲しいですか Undecided
既に子どもがいますか No
タバコを吸いますか No
自分自身の性格をどう思いますか I consider myself to be a rather reserved but polite person. I believe I'm friendly, open minded and honest.
貴方にとって最も大切な事とは何ですか The most important in life is to love and support each other in good and bad times. I believe it's important to have good communication and trust each other
今までに訪れた国 Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia
将来、貴女のパートナーとなる人に、交際が進展する前に、是非知っておいて貰いたい事があれば下記で説明して下さい。 If we get involved it would be nice to first live in Europe and perhaps move to Japan if the time is right. I value our precious time and grow together, but in order for a relationship to work it’s also important to give each other space and time alone.
貴女の将来の希望や計画はどんなものですか? My hopes and plans for the future are to enjoy life to the fullest and get as much as possible out of it. I hope we can grow and support each other.
貴女の将来のパートナーへのメッセージ。 I seek someone that will care about me, in the way that I will care, love and respect you. I hope we find mutual interests and that we can share many things together. Life has ups and downs, but together we can overcome many things and enjoy life!