Client #: 52821122

生まれ年 1981
国籍 アメリカ人
居住国 アメリカ
上記に何年から住んでいますか 1981
身長 175 cm
体重 73 kg
髪の色 Light brown
目の色 Brown
結婚歴 Single
仕事 Engineer
その仕事を始めたのは何年ですか? 2014
学歴 Graduate Degree
語学 English (native), Spanish (conversational), Japanese (learning)
性格 / ライフスタイル
趣味や興味 Everything, I am always open-minded and willing to learn or try anything. I enjoy having fun, playing games, traveling, exploring, watching movies, and sports and so on.
いつか子どもが欲しいですか Yes
既に子どもがいますか No
タバコを吸いますか No
自分自身の性格をどう思いますか Caring, loyal, respectful, open-minded, sense of humor, ambitious, curious, intelligent, deep thinker, competitive and so much more.
貴方にとって最も大切な事とは何ですか Love, respect, honesty, and loyalty. Honesty is very important, I want the person I am with to always be honest with me and feel as if they never have to hide things from me. I want to make my partner as happy as she makes me.
今までに訪れた国 Japan, Canada, Mexico
将来、貴女のパートナーとなる人に、交際が進展する前に、是非知っておいて貰いたい事があれば下記で説明して下さい。 Yes, I am not perfect and I realize there will be a cultural difference, but if you willing to help teach me I am always willing to learn. When necessary I will do the same.
貴女の将来の希望や計画はどんなものですか? Plans are to find my future wife and that we fall in love and establish a life in the Orlando, Florida area. Have children and love each other constantly. As we both excel in our careers.
貴女の将来のパートナーへのメッセージ。 Would like to fall in love, start a family, and enjoy life with someone who has their own goals beyond just being a mother and wife. I would never want my wife to regret anything about her life and would always want to encourage her to reach any goal she set her mind toward and I would expect the same.