Client #: 52729019

生まれ年 1958
国籍 アメリカ人
居住国 アメリカ
上記に何年から住んでいますか 1958
身長 180cm
体重 82kg
髪の色 Black & white
目の色 Brown
結婚歴 Single
仕事 Diplomat
その仕事を始めたのは何年ですか? 1992
学歴 BA Applied Linguistics
語学 English, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Spanish
性格 / ライフスタイル
趣味や興味 Tennis, kayaking, keeping fit, hiking, reading, movies, listening to music, cross-cultural exchange, find new places to go and visit, traveling.
いつか子どもが欲しいですか No
既に子どもがいますか No
タバコを吸いますか No
自分自身の性格をどう思いますか Easy-going and always willing to compromise. I like to get along well with everyone and try to avoid conflict. I am concerned about other people's happiness, not just my own. I am not young anymore, but I believe I am still young at heart, and I do my best to keep in good physical condition.
貴方にとって最も大切な事とは何ですか Family and friends, and at this time in my life, I would just like to share my life with a special woman. That matters more than anything else. Happiness is better when it is shared.
今までに訪れた国 Many, including Japan(日本を含む多くの国)18 歳以降 U.S.A.のどの州に住んだ事がありますか? New Jersey(ニュージャージ-)
貴女の将来の希望や計画はどんなものですか? I hope to enjoy the rest of my life with a special woman. I have worked in and traveled to many countries, but I feel most attracted to Japan and Japanese culture.
貴女の将来のパートナーへのメッセージ。 You can see that because of my job as a diplomat, I have worked in many countries so I am accustomed to living abroad. I feel that as long as I'm with you, I can be happy living anywhere though Japan and the USA are probably my favorites. I am ready to be a kind and loving husband!!